Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Packages Needed

5th graders have wrapped up their balloon rocket projects and are moving on to an Engineering is Elementary Unit on package engineering. As part of this unit, students will be evaluating different types of packages to determine the main functions of a package. After learning about and evaluating packages, students will take what they know about plants and environments and design a package to keep a plant alive.

I am in need of some of the following packages to use during the package evaluation lessons coming up in the next couple weeks. If you have any of the following you could donate that would be wonderful.

empty plastic juice container
empty plastic milk jug with handle
bag of individually wrapped candy or snacks
empty microwaveable soup can
empty spray bottle of cleaner
small packaged children's toy
lipstick or chap stick tube
microwave dinner/bowl
wooden crate for produce
take-out container from a restaurant
cosmetics package
empty 1/2 gallon cardboard jucie/milk jugs
cardboard box with handles
egg carton
shoe box with tissue
empty 2 liter bottles

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