Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Middle School and 4th grade projects

Recently, the middle school students started a new unit called Everest Trek. Students will explore Mount Everest and the challenges climbers face when attempting to reach the summit. Along the way students will complete 3 engineering design projects and build their math skills, as the curriculum has a heavy math focus. Students were introduced to the first design challenge, designing a prototype for a light weight, warm, cost effective coat for climbers. Students conducted a controlled experiment where they tested nylon, fleece, wool, and denim to determine if they were good insulators. 

Fourth graders have been working on a unit that pairs nicely with the earth materials Foss science kit being completed in their classrooms. The unit focuses on Materials Engineers and using earth materials to design different mortars to be used when constructing a mini rock wall. This week, and next, students are working on identifying properties of earth materials and testing mortar mixtures. Some pictures of wet and dry clay, soil, and sand samples being analyzed. 

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